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RP Post - The Party for Lucius Bobius Malfoy - Warning for NC-17 content

When you arrive at the "Party" full of "fun" and "celebration" please post here.

Let the party begin, its 8pm and everything is ready to happen.
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I stride into the room, wearing nothing but a tight, red thong, some chains hanging from my torso and holding a whip in my hand.

I must make a good impression after all.
Seeing my wife enter the room dressed like that suddenly makes my pants tighter than they've felt for some time.

"Darling you look great." I say to her. "Play your cards right and I'll be polishing those chains before too long."

Just what did I do to deserve a bit of stuff like this?
I Apparate into the room, wearing tight robes. Lucius has often complimented me on them, so I decided to wear them tonight. He needs his wife by his side, looking good.

I see Bella, prancing around with hardly anything on, and 'Dolphus at her side, drooling like a dog. I smile.
Turning around there is my sister in law looking equally stunning in tight tight robes.

"Merlin Narcissa, you look good." I add, lightly trailing my finger up her butt. "Lucius is around somewhere, he'll be pleased to see you too."
All my finesse is gone.

"Oi, you! Serpent!" I stride over and put my hands on his shoulders, climbing up and sitting on his head.

That will get his attention.
She does this to me often, makes it look like she's domineering. Its our thing, she plays the dominatrix and I play the dominated. With me falling to the floor dramatically she sits on my head and my tongue finds its way past the thong and into her opening. Let's see just what she's going to do now.
I snarl and wrap the chains round his throat, pulling them tight and choking him.
"Not until all the guests are here!" I wail.
With one more cruel teasing flick of my tongue I know I catch her clit, and then withdraw and wriggle out from under her, pushing the chains away with my strong arms.

"Behave yourself Bella." I say. "When all the guests are here I shall be ready and waiting for you."

My finger and thumb find their way between the chains and roughly tweak the already sore nipple.

"Know what I mean." I add, winking at her.
Ah well, the guests will be here soon enough, I point my wand and mutter the Curse of Uncontrollable Coming again, again and again and again. One after the other, a bright blue light bursts from my wand, quickly turning red and rushing down to his genitals.

"You need to be punished. Semenio!"
As she lifts her wand I utter the simple words *Finite Incantatem" and pick her up to carry her behind the couch.

Pulling down my pants, I turn her to her back and enter her quickly.

"Right now say that curse again." I say to her, feeling my shaft throbbing in readiness.
I mutter the words of a similar curse, this one ancient from the time of Salazar Slytherin, many don't survive the massive eruption, but me and Dol will.
I throw my head back and laugh in what can only be described as a manly cackle.

"Darling, what a stupid curse. You know just how long you will be here now?" I ask as I begin to pump.

One of my talents has been to last all night, as she can testify, with the Viagara curse, we could still be here this time tomorrow. I hope she has some more curses up her sleeve to prevent chaffing.
"It will be worth it," I flick my wand to speed the process up "The massive spurt is something people would give their genitals for." And suddenly, I feel Mt Vesuvius erupt underneath me, a shaking, earth-shattering noise filling the room as he cums inside me in a massive, uncontrollable eruption.
She is a vixen and she has swallowed my serpent and taken complete control of it. Pumping as if my life depends on it, for the second time in a day I feel the familiar clenching of my gut as my climax begins. The earth doesn't just move, it shakes, rattles and rolls.

My dick spurts as it has never spurted before and my balls clench tight and release, clench and release. A long thick stream erupts and sprays her every internal crevice with its own sweet potion.

Pumping to release every last drop, I pull from her. Using my wand to clean myself, I stand up leaving her on the floor.

"There my darling, don't tell me the earth didn't move." I walk to the drinks corner and notice that Crabbe and Goyle are in the room. Its probably been some time since they put on a display like that in semi-public.

Now where's there some more skirt to tickle my fancy?
I jump and smile at 'Dolphus' light touch.

"I cannot wait to see him," I murmur, pulling at my robes so they show off more of my cleavage.
This is my party. I do not appreciate entering the room to find someone else fondling my wife.

"Narcissa, darling, I am delighted to see you," I say. She looks stunning in tight robes. I realise just how long it has been since we last spoke, and kiss her in front of everyone.
I yield to the kiss, pressing my body against Lucius'. I completely forget that Bella and 'Dolphus are in the room, but I think they are too busy to notice us.

I break away for a moment to whisper, "I'm so glad that you're here."
"And I am glad that you're here," I tell her, and I truly am. I wish I were back in our home with our bed and all my possessions nearby. We would not need to leave the house for days.
I lean in and kiss him again. I've noticed Bella and 'Dolphus "playing" together in the corner, and smile against Lucius' lips. There's no place that I would rather be at this moment in time.
I do not like Lucius Malfoy. He has too much pride than he should be allowed. And yet I come to this ‘celebration’ anyway, because now that he’s an Azkaban escapee, the first thing he should do is hold a party about it. Something big and attention grabbing.

Doesn’t he know that after his arrest the Ministry probably has his wife watched? Of course he doesn’t… that would disrupt his fun.

He probably hasn’t even reported to Him yet.

I walk into the room and am unfortunately not surprised by what I see.

“Bloody baboons,” I mutter under my breath.

How can they expect to properly serve Lord Voldemort if all they ever do is shag each other? They lose all concentration. He could call for them right now, and what would they do? Make Him wait?

They have no self control. They serve only themselves.

And they don’t even keep their word among it. It’s no secret they trade off like Quidditch teams. Vows of marriage are silly, but they are vows, they gave their word to be faithful.

If they can’t keep those vows of loyalty, how can He expect them to be loyal to Him?

He should have killed the lot of them long ago.

This is a useless gathering and very dangerous. So many Death Eaters to be together in one place, and so oblivious to anything happening around them.

I turn around after only a minute or so in the room and leave, a snarl on my face.

This was a waste of my time. The fools.