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Magic Hogwarts!

a roleplay

Hogwarts RPG
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Welcome to Magic Hogwarts, a roleplay set in the year after Order of the Phoenix, Harry's 6th year here. (1996-1997)

Anyone is free to join, we only ask that you keep your canon characters in canon. However, individual interpretation is allowed, as everyone makes their character unique to them. :) We have nothing against original characters, as long as they're realistic and don't disrupt plotlines. It's not restricted to humans though - the giant squid, Moaning Myrtle and Mrs Norris all have journals. ;D If you are unsure, however, please ask first.

Sign up for the character you want on the List of Characters post.
Even though the roleplay has started you can still join!

How To RP With LJ
List of Characters
AIM List

Check out mh_students for the student announcements, Quidditch teams/games and Hogsmeade weekends.
Go to magic_plot to see or discuss plots/pairings.

Moderated by magic_hermione and harry_4_ever.

Taken Characters


Harry Potter - harry_4_ever
Ron Weasley - magic_ron
Hermione Granger - magic_hermione
Ginny Weasley - weasley_lass
Lavender Brown - lavendar_belle
Parvati Patil - pinkparvati
Seamus Finnigan - irishseamus
Katie Bell - katie_chaser


Vincent Crabbe - walk_sideways
Blaise Zabini - totally_blaise
Pansy Parkinson - purebloodbitch
Millicent Bulstrode - milly_bul
Sally-Anne Perks - sally_mage
Daphne Greengrass - daphnegreen

*We could use more Slytherins*


Padma Patil - bluepadma
Kevin Entwhistle - dragonboy_kevin
Mandy Brocklehurst - mandy_dandy
Luna Lovegood - luna_mage
Lisa Turpin - sapphire_quill
Cho Chang - raven_chang
Marietta Edgecombe - unhappymarietta
Su Li - fairytale_su


Hannah Abbott - clever_hannah
Zacharias Smith - snootyzach

*More Hufflepuffs are really needed! :)*


Severus Snape - nasty_git
Professor Flitwick - tiny_charmer
Firenze - heavenly_archer
Asia Sinistra - starry_sin

Death Eaters:

Lord Voldemort - darkcacophony
Peter Pettigrew - petertherat
Lucius Malfoy - bringerofdark
Narcissa Malfoy - bloomingcissa
Bellatrix Lestrange - cause_pain
Rodolphus Lestrange - leweird
Julian Mulciber - 10_sixths
Igor Karkaroff - ikarkaroff

Order of the Phoenix

Kingsley Shacklebolt - kingsley_shaft
Molly Weasley - ms_molly
Remus Lupin - magic_moony
Gilderoy Lockhart - gilded_smile
Nymphadora Tonks - clumsytonks
Hestia Jones - hestyhesty
Ghost of Marlene McKinnon - marly_marly
Emmeline Vance - stately_emma

*More Order members could be had!*

Other Adults

Angelina Johnson - quidditch_witch
Rita Skeeter - magic_skeeter

*We could use other Adults and Alumni!*


Dan the Dementor- dementordan
Becca the Dementor - dementorbecca
The Giant Squid - big_squid
Mrs Norris - norris_kitty
Hedwig - quote_the_owl
Moaning Myrtle - ghostly_angst
Spike (the giant squid's nephew) - spiky_squid

Original Characters:

Aurora "Rory" Moon Love (6)- aurora_moon_luv
Aidan Jennings (2) - aidan_jennings
Leona Barlock (6) - lovely_lilacs
Zachariah Usher (5)- zack_usher
Brittany James (5) - swgirl_41
Stacey Fairchild (4) - sunny_lil_stace
Van James (1) - vj_james
Increase Ashman (6) - increase_ashman
Hazel Stockhard (1)- hazel_stockhard
Charlotte de Putaine (6)- char_harlot
Luc Fontaine (ghost) - ghost_luc

Many characters available! Check the links.