We're Moving!

That's right, magic_hogwarts is now officially starting over!

So everyone rush over and join magic_life and ml_students! And sign up here!

You can also leave the communities magic_hogwarts and mh_students but stay a part of magic_plot because that'll carry over.

Also, for those of you with 4+ characters... take a breather. magic_life has a 4 character limit that even I am following. My beautiful characters!

Now remember, our Monday, May 3rd will be their first day of classes for the 1996-97 school year.

If you have any questions, any at all, contact mandy_dandy, magic_hermione, hatewarmsocks, or harry_4_ever. I think I'll do the others a favor and say direct all/most of the little minor questions my way.
We're starting over! Yea!
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OOC: Two-Weeks Notice Thingy

Hello! I thought I'd try to keep up with this, since our Tonks mod is gone for a while. ;3

Note that these are the people who've not posted in their journals in two weeks, as stated in the rules:

"9. People who are playing must post at least once every two weeks. Most RP's have people posting that or at least once a week, so we think it's fair."

I don't know who's been commenting but not posting in the journal/on vacation/away or whatnot, so let me know, okay?

Here's the list (sadly, one of these is mine! I'll have to update Mrs. Norris a bit more, hm? ^^;):

Post! You've Not Posted in Two Weeks, and are Pending Removal, Methinks!
raven_chang (Breaking for RL stuff)
marly_marly (Breaking)
quote_the_owl (Breaking for RL stuff)
dementorbecca (Left the RP)

Edit: I made notes on the status of some of these people. ;3

Party Invitation for DEs and Narcissa

In celebration of the freedom of Lucius Bobius Malfoy from Azkaban there will be a party at the Lestrange home tonight.

There will be fun to be had by all, Bella will provide all sorts of refreshments as she loves to do. There will be ample opportunity for entertainment. Come and sample the delights of Salope House.

So for a "party" evening of "celebration" and "fun" be sure to arrive some time after 8pm tonight.
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Breaking Lucius out from Azkaban

It is difficult not to shiver as I approach the prison, even with my serpent with me. So many bad memorys of it, the Dementors gliding through the halls, making everything so cold and dark. A concerto of pain, grief and terror everywhere you look, everything you touch is saturated with its vile, loathsome taste. Nobody else understands the pain of Azkaban, nobody at all.

I arrive at the perimeter and pull out my wand, steeling myself and brushing a strand of hair from my face.
"Nedtrykking." I say quietly, watching as a thick black cloud bursts out of my wand and surrounds me, choking me as it seeps through every pore, every orifice and I feel my mind darken into a mad paranoia.

Look at him, my serpent, even now he plots against me, he'll leave me in there to rot with the Dementors gliding past me. That was his plan all along, wasn't it? But its a risk I'll have to take, Lucius must be freed, at any cost. I narrow my eyes at him.
"Cast the spell," I snarl and stride off towards the entrance to the prison.
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School Play Update

Here is the updated cast list for A Midsummer Night's Dream. As we still have certain important roles left to fill, such as Theseus, Professor Sinistra has decided that we should now offer thirty points for each student who participates in the school play. It should also be noted that Mr. Malfoy has been exempted by his head of house from wearing tights. Anyone with any difficulties should refer them to me or Professor Sinistra.

Hippolyta - Mandy Brocklehurst
Egeus - Vincent Crabbe
Hermia - Lisa Turpin
Demetrius- Stacey Fairchild
Lysander - Marietta Edgecombe
Helena- Aidan Jennings
Titania - Parvati Patil
Oberon - Draco Malfoy
Peaseblossom - Brittany James
Cobweb - Hannah Abbott
Mustardseed - Mandy Brocklehurst
Moth - Vincent Crabbe
Puck - Kevin Entwhistle
Bottom - Blaise Zabini
Starveling - Hannah Abbott
Snout - Brittany James

RP with Kevin in the library

The library is quiet, almost too quiet. I sit at the corner that Kevin had arranged to meet me at, and I try to read over my lines again. "Over hill, over dale," I recite to myself. "Thorough bush, thorough brier... over park, over, uh... nail? Thorough flood, thorough..." I falter and sneak a look at the script.

"Thorough fire!" I exclaim, annoyed at forgetting it. It was so simple, just /fire/. I continue reciting. "I do wander every where, Swifter than... something or other."

I'm getting nowhere at this rate, plus I also have to learn the properties of a Hilendus Potion before tomorrow. Hannah, don't be stressed. Don't stress. Don't stress!

"Over hill, over dale," I mutter, frowning at the properties of a Hildendus Potion. "Thorough bush, thorough fire - no, it's 'brier', it's..."

When will Kevin get here?
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(no subject)

Hey, since mh_students community is to announce things and yadda yadda yadda, why don't we have a new community simply to work out plots? Right now we have a lot of 'secret' conversations going on but no real organization as a whole.

If it's a good idea, I made this magic_plot

If it's a good idea or not I'm just happy I learned how to create a community! ^_^

Anyway, it would be kind of unique community because only the players would be able to read what we're talking about. If on the off chance we have 'fans' or something who are reading the RP, they wouldn't be able to read whatever we're hatching.

So, yeh or neh on the idea? If 'yeh' I'll invite all of you to join because it's a closed community, if 'neh' I'll learn how to delete a community! ^_^

Updated Friends List

Before we get to that: Break is Over! I know I know, booooooooooo. Hisssssss. That sucks right? Hopefully you're well rested. Hey I didn't even get a break. XD An extended weekend, yay!

Anyway, now that people are back we should be having some more activity here. Very happy with you guys and the new guys who've joined. You rock. *big thumbs up*.

Luna Lovegood luna_mage, please post within the week to know you're serious about taking those characters. Same goes to Remus Lupin magic_moony, please. :) Posting is once every two weeks at least! :p

This isn't a warning because of the break, but it's a just a "let you know" thingy.

Also, Hestia hestyhesty and Rita's magic_skeeter mun isn't leaving the RP, but she doesn't have much time for it now. If anybody wants those particular characters, then please let us know. Otherwise don't be surprised if she doesn't post often.

And now our friends list.Collapse )

While I'm gone someone should update this, right?
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