Hannah Abbott (clever_hannah) wrote in magic_hogwarts,
Hannah Abbott

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RP with Kevin in the library

The library is quiet, almost too quiet. I sit at the corner that Kevin had arranged to meet me at, and I try to read over my lines again. "Over hill, over dale," I recite to myself. "Thorough bush, thorough brier... over park, over, uh... nail? Thorough flood, thorough..." I falter and sneak a look at the script.

"Thorough fire!" I exclaim, annoyed at forgetting it. It was so simple, just /fire/. I continue reciting. "I do wander every where, Swifter than... something or other."

I'm getting nowhere at this rate, plus I also have to learn the properties of a Hilendus Potion before tomorrow. Hannah, don't be stressed. Don't stress. Don't stress!

"Over hill, over dale," I mutter, frowning at the properties of a Hildendus Potion. "Thorough bush, thorough fire - no, it's 'brier', it's..."

When will Kevin get here?
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