Firenze (heavenly_archer) wrote in magic_hogwarts,

School Play Update

Here is the updated cast list for A Midsummer Night's Dream. As we still have certain important roles left to fill, such as Theseus, Professor Sinistra has decided that we should now offer thirty points for each student who participates in the school play. It should also be noted that Mr. Malfoy has been exempted by his head of house from wearing tights. Anyone with any difficulties should refer them to me or Professor Sinistra.

Hippolyta - Mandy Brocklehurst
Egeus - Vincent Crabbe
Hermia - Lisa Turpin
Demetrius- Stacey Fairchild
Lysander - Marietta Edgecombe
Helena- Aidan Jennings
Titania - Parvati Patil
Oberon - Draco Malfoy
Peaseblossom - Brittany James
Cobweb - Hannah Abbott
Mustardseed - Mandy Brocklehurst
Moth - Vincent Crabbe
Puck - Kevin Entwhistle
Bottom - Blaise Zabini
Starveling - Hannah Abbott
Snout - Brittany James
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