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List of Characters

I'm posting this again now that our Tonks mod is gone, so that I can update it. :)

Harry Potter - harry_4_ever
Ron Weasley - magic_ron
Hermione Granger - magic_hermione
Lavender Brown - lavendar_belle
Parvati Patil - pinkparvati
Seamus Finnigan - irishseamus
Neville Longbottom -
Dean Thomas -
Ginny Weasley - weasley_lass
Victoria Frobisher -
Katie Bell - katie_chaser
Colin Creevey -

Draco Malfoy - FREE. (We are in urgent need of a Draco!) Look at draco_4_hire's last post for a summary.
Vincent Crabbe - walk_sideways
Gregory Goyle -
Blaise Zabini - totally_blaise
Pansy Parkinson - purebloodbitch
Millicent Bulstrode - milly_bul
Sally-Anne Perks - sally_mage
Daphne Greengrass - daphnegreen

Kevin Entwhistle - dragonboy_kevin
Padma Patil - bluepadma
Mandy Brocklehurst - mandy_dandy
Lisa Turpin - sapphire_quill
Terry Boot -
Luna Lovegood - luna_mage
Cho Chang - raven_chang
Marietta Edgecombe - unhappymarietta
Su Li - fairytale_su

Hannah Abbott - clever_hannah
Zacharias Smith - snootyzach
Susan Bones -
Justin Finch-Fletchley -

Albus Dumbledore - Presumed dead.
Severus Snape - nasty_git
Headmaster Filius Flitwick - tiny_charmer
Firenze - heavenly_archer
Asia Sinistra - starry_sin
Sybill Trelawney -
Minerva McGonagall -
Poppy Pomfrey -

Death Eaters:
Lord Voldemort - darkcacophony
Peter Pettigrew - petertherat
Lucius Malfoy - bringerofdark
Narcissa Malfoy - bloomingcissa
Bellatrix Lestrange - cause_pain
Rodolphus Lestrange - leweird
Rabastan Lestrange -
Walden Macnair -
Julian Mulciber - 10_sixths
Elliot Jugson - Dead.
Crabbe Snr -
Goyle Snr -
Augustus Rookwood -
Antonin Dolohov -
Marc Avery -
Igor Karkaroff - ikarkaroff

Order of the Phoenix
Kingsley Shacklebolt - kingsley_shaft
Temporary Arthur Weasley - mr_minister Still looking
Molly Weasley - ms_molly
Bill Weasley -
Charlie Weasley -
Percy Weasley -
Fred Weasley -
George Weasley -
Remus Lupin - magic_moony
Gilderoy Lockhart - gilded_smile
Nymphadora Tonks - clumsytonks
Alastor Moody - Dead.
Hestia Jones - hestyhesty
Marlene McKinnon - marly_marly
Emmeline Vance - stately_emma
Mundungus Fletcher -

Other Adult Characters
Angelina Johnson - quidditch_witch
Rita Skeeter - magic_skeeter
Oliver Wood -
Fleur Delacour -
Penelope Clearwater -
Amelia Bones -

Dan the Dementor- dementordan
Becca the Dementor - dementorbecca
The Giant Squid - big_squid
Mrs Norris - norris_kitty
Hedwig - quote_the_owl
Moaning Myrtle - ghostly_angst
The Sorting Hat - sorting_hate
Spike (the giant squid's nephew) - spiky_squid
The Hogwarts Herald - hog_herald

Original Characters:
Brittany James (5) - swgirl_41
Stacey Fairchild (4) - sunny_lil_stace
Van James (1) - vj_james
Zachariah Usher (5)- zack_usher
Leona Barlock (6?) - lovely_lilacs
Increase Ashman (6) - increase_ashman
Hazel Stockhard (1)- hazel_stockhard
Aurora "Rory" Moon Love (6)- aurora_moon_luv
Aidan Jennings (2) - aidan_jennings
Luc Fontaine (ghost) - ghost_luc

What we would really like for the RP now are:

Draco! (Just make sure to read this first.)
Some Death Eaters!
Weasleys! Come on you know you want 'em. ;D
Some Hufflepuffs or Slytherins would be great too.

But go ahead and sign up as any free character, even if they're not on the list, especially students. There's a large character list here.

Oh, and please specify if the journal you post as is going to be your RP journal or not. If it isn't, you will have to tell me which LJ you'll be using to RP with. I'm smart, but I'm not psychic. ;)

If you want to sign up as one of the free characters, or your own, then comment on this post. Thanks!
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On the 'taken' list, you didn't put up Katie Bell.
Thanks, I've added Katie to the list. :)
*cough*Albus is presumed dead*cough* ^_-
Good point, I've changed it. :) ... Does that mean we might see another Albus in the future then? The Slytherins will be devastated!
Hey there cutie,

I'm Charlotte the Harlot - an OC. ;)

OOC: Um, is this okay? I noticed we don't have any real Tootsitramps (though Zack comes close!) and I thought it might be fun to have a really skanky character. I'll try not to make her too Sueish, although she is for fun. However, if anyone has a problem with her I'll delete her journal. :)
I forgot to add - the "House, Year, Appearance, etc" thing is in my Bio.
*giggle* Welcome to the RP!
Thanks hun! You won't regret this. *winks*
Yay! A Tootsitramp!Sue!
I'm so evil.
Okay so we have a Tootsitramp and a Sparklypoo. We NEED a Bitchiwitch.

Can I play a Bitchwitch
Okay, but I absolutely draw the line at Qanonreip!
Don't worry, I can't stand to see another WhoreMione or Ginny Gen Gen. *Twitches* Thanks!
WhoreMione? I'm the Whore of Hogwarts! No-one can ever be as whorish as me! *grins and winks*
Yay for Bitchiwitch!