Bellatrix Lestrange (cause_pain) wrote in magic_hogwarts,
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Breaking Lucius out from Azkaban

It is difficult not to shiver as I approach the prison, even with my serpent with me. So many bad memorys of it, the Dementors gliding through the halls, making everything so cold and dark. A concerto of pain, grief and terror everywhere you look, everything you touch is saturated with its vile, loathsome taste. Nobody else understands the pain of Azkaban, nobody at all.

I arrive at the perimeter and pull out my wand, steeling myself and brushing a strand of hair from my face.
"Nedtrykking." I say quietly, watching as a thick black cloud bursts out of my wand and surrounds me, choking me as it seeps through every pore, every orifice and I feel my mind darken into a mad paranoia.

Look at him, my serpent, even now he plots against me, he'll leave me in there to rot with the Dementors gliding past me. That was his plan all along, wasn't it? But its a risk I'll have to take, Lucius must be freed, at any cost. I narrow my eyes at him.
"Cast the spell," I snarl and stride off towards the entrance to the prison.
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